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Last post we featured Josh Wald and his side project Dream Louise performing a Kiiara “Gold” cover.

This week we want to bring you another original video by Dream Louise.

Check out Best Dancing Mashup for the song “Dance Hall Re.”

Love Josh as a musician? Check out the last blog post here:

Josh Wald And Kiiara Gold

Did you know Josh Wald is not just a model, but also a musician? If you like Kiiara, you are going to love what Josh has in store for you. His project, Dream Louise, created a Kiiara Gold cover. Check it out below.

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Photos of Josh Wald All Smiles

Who doesn’t like to see some pearly whites shining back at them? Josh Wald has a pretty, solid smile, and he would love to share it wish you!

Josh Wald SmilingJosh Wald Double Kiss

Josh Wald Photos Smiling Model Josh Wald Photos Ray Bans

Check out some more Happy Josh Wald Photos here:


Josh Wald in Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, and More

Want to see Josh Wald in some top designer clothing? Check it out here! We have Giorgio Armani, Dockers, and Ralph Lauren on deck.


Seriously, Josh Wald loves this site! It has been years since they started posting about Josh, and it is great to always see their support.

Here are the photos we love, that they feature:

Josh Wald Runway Underwear

Josh Wald Runway Underwear


Josh Wald Runway Open Shirt

Love seeing what Josh has done on the runway? Check out more here:

Josh Wald On The Runway

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Now, you are probably going to party all weekend, but we just want to remind you to keep it classy,  and keep it comfortable!


Josh Wald Bananas Models Josh Wald Lands End Josh Wald Lands End

Another photo of Josh Wald by Bananas Models:×1024.jpg


Josh Wald In The Media

WE figured we would take a break from the runway photos, and show you some photos of Josh in the media.

If you would like to see the runway photos of Josh Wald in his underwear, check them out here:


Josh Wald Calvin Klein Josh Wald Gap Josh Wald H&M

More Josh Wald Runway!

On The Runway

Like fashion? Love Josh Wald? Then, you are going to enjoy this! Here are just a few of the times Josh has been on the runway. Stay tuned because in the near future we will feature some more runway and dive into editorials too!

These photos can also bee seen on:



Josh Wald – A Man In March

In like a lion, out like a lamb: March is a one wild month. Since it encompasses the brutality of winter and the welcoming of spring, we figured we would show the fierce, yet sincere sides of Josh Wald. Check out his stunning stare in these vulnerable photos of Josh.

Here are a few of our favorites from past posts:


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Black And White

Just keeping it classic with black and white this time. Check out some more B&W photos in the following links:[pp_newsGal]/6/

Josh Wald Fun and Fashion In February

We are halfway through frigid February, so keep your spirits high for warm weather ahead. For now, here is some fun and fashion (because we all know layers = more style).

Need your fill of more fashion photos? These guys have some great photos of Josh Wald:

Josh Wald Warm In Winter Photos

A big thanks to these sites for posting up other steamy photos of Josh Wald:

Last Newest Batch of Josh Wald Pics



Josh’s Management:

Josh Wald – Band Story

New New New Josh Wald Photos

Official Josh Wald Site Photos

Awesome news. Josh Wald’s Official Site has launched. Here are some new pics to celebrate. Enjoy!

josh wald new josh wald new josh wald



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Josh Wald Looking Buff In His New Photo Set

_N2Y2896 crop Josh Wald 2014 Josh Wald 2014 _N2Y3603

Josh Wald 2014

New Josh Wald Photos here:

Josh Wald 2014

Josh Wald 2014

Josh Wald 2014

Josh Wald

Josh Wald 2014

More Josh Wald Commercial Photos

A Few More Josh Wald Photos From 2014

Josh Wald on Banana’s Models

Josh Wald 2014 Josh Wald 2014 Josh Wald 2014 Josh Wald 2014 _N2Y3603 Josh Wald 2014




Tons and tons of new Josh Wald photos every week!

Very excited for this week’s find courtesy of:

New Josh Wald Posts

Josh Wald Hat

Josh Wald 2014

Josh Wald

Josh Wald suit

Josh Wald 2014

Josh Wald x Ryan Michael Kelly

JoshWald-5-14 josh wald brent chia josh wald brent josh wald no socks josh wald dust




Killer Colors, Killer Moves.

Josh Wald on Flickr





josh wald josh wald josh wald josh wald josh wald older josh wald bird


Keep track of the Wald conversation via Tumblr and Pinterest

New Josh Wald Photo Sets from Ryan Michael Kelly

Josh Wald Photos Is Back

josh wald leather jacket josh wald suspenders josh wald bowtie

Apologies that we were gone for so long but we’re back and we’ve got more pics than ever. Stay tuned for more updates!

Until then here are some choice links:

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Visit Josh Wald Photos's profile on Pinterest.